We're ecstatic about our printing, that's why we offer 3 methods to help you create a great impression, everytime!

Why choose Screenprinting?        

  • You can print on both light and dark garments
  • Good for large print quantities

The Process

The print/image is stencilled onto a screen or mesh.

A separate screen is created for each colour of the required design.

The screen is then placed on top of the substrate, or shirt that will bear the image.

The printer pushes the ink across the screen using a squeegee to print the image onto the shirt.


Why choose Vinyl printing?

Vinyl printing is perfect for personalising names and team numbers onto garments

• It is ideal for creating special effects and finishes onto garments of anycolour.

• Great for small to medium quantities.


Why use vinyl printing?

Vinyl printing is a fantastic way to personalise garments, especially if you need a small amount of printed items or would like to incorporate a persons name onto the item. Due to this uncomplicated and effective method, this degree of personalisation won’t cost you a fortune either. In fact here at Garments of Praise we don’t charge you any additional set- up fees for image or text logos. So whether you need one item or 30 there will be no additional charges.

Beside being price competitive, vinyl printing offers you choice and flexibility. Do you have an individual in your group who would prefer to have their name printed in red rather than blue? Simple! You cagn even exagerrate your design with special effects! From metallic to glitter, we have a variety of fantastic finishes that are guaranteed to make your design stand out from the crowd.

A great opportunity for those looking for unique personalisation on a budget. Vinyl printing is a fantastic choice that allows anyone to create clean designs. This might be the ideal process for you!


The Process

Firstly, we need to receive your design/text and information about where you would like it to be positioned onto the garment. Remember to let us

          know about colours and special effects you would like to incorporate too.

Now we have all your design details we can begin printing in-house.

Using an electronic cutting machine, we cut your design and remove any excess vinyl.

Your cut vinyl design is carefully placed onto your garment and sealed using the heat and pressure of a heat press.

Your items are folded, packed and ready to be delivered.

Why choose it?

It is commonly used to permanently decorate a wide range of gift items with

  Photographic print.

Items include t-shirts, caps, mugs, keyrings and much more.

Suitable for small batches

Why use it?

Sublimation printing is a process whereby full colour images, text and other graphics are transferred onto a product. This allows for quick printing as well as demand printing.

The process

 Artwork must be designed on a PC using a graphics package.

The image is printed in reverse onto inkjet paper from a printer charged with sublimation ink.

The resulting print is laid onto the product in the appropropriate press.

The inks are transferred onto the coating of the product leaving a vibrant, fade resistant image behind.