2 week standard delivery

• Applicable to all UK orders

• Delivery to be signed for

• On time delivery


Priority Delivery

• Delivery available within 1 week

• Available for most orders

• Delivery to be signed for

• Guaranteed on time delivery

• Add 10% for priority delivery



Printing Deadlines

Our standard order production time is 10 working days unless a holiday falls in between the order start and completion date. Please note your job production time will not start until the following approvals are made-

1. A signed work order is received

2. Artwork is approved

Priority printing and delivery

We will try to accomodate your request if your order is needed before our standard production time of 10 working days. However these orders may result in additional costs. Please see here (link to page called orders and delivery)


Payment and Order Deposit

Forever Printing accepts cash, and payments via Paypal and bank transfer. Customers are asked to pay the total order cost upfront before any work can begin.


Order Returns and Misprints

Forever Printing prides itself on maintaining the highest quality garment printing. We spend extra attention in the front end of an order to make sure your specific desires are met so when the final product arrives you are satisfied. It is often laborious, but we do require our customers of sign-off on every order detail for both the item/size/color ordered and the design color/placement/size too.

Please note it is extremely important that a customer pays attention to all the specifics in the order sign-off process so the end result is correct.


Order Returns

An order of customised garments or items that has been printed cannot be returned because we cannot return the items to our wholesale distributors. If your final product arrives and you believe it is different than what you signed off on, please contact us straight away.


Order Cancellation

In most cases, our order process does not start until the work order is accepted online or signed and emailed back to Us. Immediately following your order acceptance, we will review the order and will purchase blank goods for your order from one of our several wholesale resources. An order cannot be cancelled once the goods have had any part embellished. Customized goods are not returnable to our wholesale firms, so we cannot credit you for any placed order that has been decorated and subsequently cancelled.

20% Restocking Fee

If you elect to cancel your order after we have already purchased the wholesale blank goods, but before they have been printed, then you will need to pay a 20% restocking fee.This is 20% of the cost of goods +costs to return the blank items back to the wholesaler.


Blank Samples

All items we offer can be individually purchased as a sample. All you would pay for is the cost of the item plus postage. Speak to us anytime regarding for the sample cost of an item.


Design Service

It takes between 2-3 working days to complete on your designs. Design work is often outsourced to Freelance communities thoughout busy periods in order to keep your waiting time to a mimimum.